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And then he goes

What on earth is this construction? Here’s the conversation:

“And then he goes, ‘Let’s hook up.’ ”
“And then I go, ‘OK, when?’ ”
“And then he goes, ‘Tomorrow at the mall.’ ”

And then I go rushing for an aspirin.

This construction used to be heard among teenagers, but they brought it with them into adulthood, and now I hear it from educated grownups.

For heaven’s sake, we don’t go, we say. Go indicates movement. Say is such a lovely, succinct word that (if I may) says it all.

So our conversation should now sound like:

“And then he says, ‘Let’s hook up.’ ”
“And then I say, ‘OK, when?’ ”
“And then he says, ‘Tomorrow at the mall.’ ”

Ta da. Meaningful conversation. Well, maybe not so meaningful, but you know what I mean.

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February 27, 2010 um 3:51 pm
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