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Prose Parade
Grammar and writing basics


About Linnea Hunt-Stewart 

Who am I anyway; am I my resume (from A Chorus Line, if you care)? At least in this instance, the answer is yes. You’ll learn more about me in my daily rants, I imagine, and there’s a little more below the resume.


By the way, my name is pronounced Lin-ay-uh, accent on the ay. Now, you know.



Twenty-six years of publishing experience, including editing writing, advertising, editorial and sales relations; dummying; circulation; cost control; quality control; staff recruiting and training; and story assignment. Two years of free-lance writing, copy editing and teaching reading and composition.



BA, English, StateUniversity of New York at Oswego, 1966

MA, English, CaliforniaStateUniversity, Los Angeles, 1974



Wrote articles for various magazines and one-shots such as Fedco Reporter, Pet Product News, Veterinary Product News and Ponds USA and Water Gardens.


Copy edited automotive magazines and for such clients as Toyota Design & Graphics and Poole Publications.


Prepared (edit and/or rewrite) at least 100 editorial pages per month, while maintaining high editorial standards.


Produced custom projects ranging from four-page inserts to 96-page magazines for clients such as Chrysler, Chevrolet and the Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus.


Assembled promotional ads and advertorials for clients such as Bull Durham, Hilton Hotels and Fleer to increase ad revenues and spin off advertising in sister publications.


Prioritized advertising within each magazine for maximum visibility and effect.


Reduced per page costs through vigorous editorial, art and ad control.


Taught remedial composition and reading at Mt. San Antonio College.



2003-present               Freelance editing and writing

2000-2003                   Managing Editor, Specialty Equipment

                                    Marketing Association (SEMA)

1997-2000                   Production Manager, Spidell Publishing

1994-1997                   Freelance copy editor, writer, teacher

1993-1994                   Managing Editor, Petersen 

                                    Publishing/AUTOtronics magazine

1989-1993                   Managing Editor, Petersen

                                    Publishing/Custom Publications

1982-1989                   Managing Editor, Petersen

                                    Publishing/Specialty Publications

1981-1982                   Asst. Managing Editor, Petersen

                                    Publishing/Hot Rod magazine

1980-1981                   Copy Editor, Petersen Publishing/Specialty 


1978-1980                   Proofreader, Petersen

                                    Publishing/Photocomposition Dept.

1977-1978                   Proofreader, Los Angeles Daily Journal


I’ve had three other jobs before these. One was teaching 10th and 11th grade English, one was working as a social worker for LA County, and the other was working in bookstores while I finished my Master’s.


Yes, this means I’m older, but my skills are so intact that I can copy edit rings around younger people. That’s because I have a firm grip on the rules of grammar, syntax and style.


One of my fundamental beliefs is that copy editors can write, but not all writers can edit copy. Writing and editing are two different skills. So, while it may look as if I don’t have a lot of writing experience, believe me, I can write.